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©2018 by The Stop Campaign. 

Background art credited to Emma Bleby

Proudly supported by Respectful Relationships ANU



  • Create a safe space for everyone through—

    • changing the language that we use when discussing sexual violence, and raising awareness of the impact language has on influencing discourse; and

    • making Australia safer for international students and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

  • Empower survivors to share their stories safely;

  • Form a first-responders network to assist supporters of survivors of sexual violence to manage disclosures;

  • Foster relationships with organisations and stakeholders working in the activist space of sexual violence and respectful relationships;

  • Be proactive, working to constantly review and improve our strategies;

  • Educate the broader community about resources that are available to both survivors and their supporters;

  • Reach out to high school students and their parents to start education early, share resources and normalise consent culture;

  • Normalise discussions about sexual violence to spread awareness and inform behaviour;

  • Spread awareness and provide educational resources to the community;

  • Educate people about sexual health and safe, fun and inclusive sex;

  • Break down stigmas regarding reporting, sexual violence, sexual health and what constitutes abuse, by—

    • reducing stereotypes and ending myths regarding these issues.

  • Encourage institutions to be proactive and reform their processes, particularly regarding the reporting of sexual violence;

  • Educate people about consent and the process of being an effective bystander;

  • Reduce vicarious trauma via awareness of the term and the sharing of resources; and

  • Create awareness about the cultural and structural drivers behind sexual violence.

Pilot Goals (July 2019 - December 2022)

3 months:

  • Build up a presence within the ANU community through awareness and community engagement.


6 months:

  • Produce a zine project to destigmatise sex.

  • Produce a video project aimed at destigmatising sex, providing education around respectful relationships and sharing stories of sexual exploration.


1 year:

  • Continue our annual zine and video project campaigns.

  • Expand our campaign to other ACT universities.

  • Pilot an ANU college program.

  • Pilot a self-defence and empowerment collaborative project.

  • Provide a trauma-informed language guide for university students, staff, and community members.


2 years:

  • Continue our annual zine and video project campaigns.

  • Expand our campaign to other universities across Australia.

  • Pilot a secondary school education program territory-wide for parents and older teenagers.


3 years:

  • Continue our annual zine and video project campaigns.

  • Pilot an inclusive safe space on campus.

  • Pilot an education-based behavioural change program for perpetrators of sexual violence.