The STOP Campaign and YWCA Canberra are excited to announce the:


A Toolkit for Sexual Violence Victim-Survivors and Their Supporters

The SRT covers topics including:

  • How to safely respond to disclosures,

  • How to report sexual violence,

  • Legal avenues (criminal and civil),

  • How to access crisis and post-crisis support services,

  • How to navigate the process of sharing your story publicly (i.e to the media),

  • Considerations when sharing your story such as defamation and personal safety, and

  • SV advocacy and lobbying for change. 


What is the SRT?

The STOP Campaign is excited to announce the Safe Response Toolkit: A Toolkit for Sexual Violence Victim-Survivors and Their Supporters (SRT), made possible by YWCA Canberra through their 2021 Great Ydeas Small Grants Program.


The SRT is a resource, to be made available both in print copy and online, which provides information to victim-survivors of sexual violence (SV) and their supporters about how to safely respond to SV disclosures and access support services in Canberra. The SRT is a collaborative toolkit, informed by relevant  legal, medical and support service providers, community advocates, businesses, peak bodies, and victim-survivors.



Why are we creating the Safe Response Toolkit?

Responding to and reporting disclosures of sexual violence can be a sensitive, intimidating and complex process for victim-survivors and supporters. There is a marked lack of clear, trauma-informed and accessible information for victim-survivors in Canberra regarding the personal, legal and medical considerations when disclosing and reporting sexual violence. Without this information victim-survivors may be unsure of or intimidated by the process of reporting sexual violence, preventing them from accessing support services they need. This also has community repercussions - silencing victim-survivors allows sexual violence to continue and stifles broader behavioural and cultural change. We hope that the SRT will work to reduce the stigmatisation of sexual violence and provide victim-survivors with the autonomy to access and navigate available support systems.

The STOP Campaign aims to launch the SRT Project in June 2022.
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SRT Newsletter (April 2022)