We value collaboration and connecting with activists, organisations and passionate people across Australia and the world. If you want to chat to us about our initiatives and what we do, contact us. If you want to collaborate on a project, contact us. If you have seen some of our initiatives in action and have some feedback, contact us. We value open and inclusive discourse and believe in the power of constantly improving and growing - to achieve our goal to STOP sexual violence. 

join our collective

Collective members can participate in events, projects, content, education, and anything that interests them. There are no solid time commitments to reduce pressure on Collective members and give them the autonomy to choose what projects they want to be a part of. Collective members have the ability to represent the Campaign and its values, raise awareness about Campaign initiatives and programs, and be key drivers of change. Collective members are invited to participate in all aspects of the Campaign, including weekly meetings, but are not obliged to do so.

Engagement includes but is not limited to:

  • Writing blogs and/or educational resources

  • Designing advertising material, such as posters and infographics

  • Helping run events and projects, on the day and planning

  • Having access to social media pages to post, with the approval of the Social Media Officer

  • Contributing ideas for projects

  • Promoting the Campaign events and programs on relevant social media platforms and word-of-mouth

  • Helping put up promotional and awareness material in relevant communities

  • Acting as a connection to communities to build strong relationships, such as residential halls.

Click HERE to view the Collective Membership Information Pack, and apply below. 



We are a small grassroots movement, run solely by passionate volunteers. We value any donation, no matter how small - it goes a long way to support survivors of sexual violence and help us prevent it from occuring in the first place.