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The Safe Response Toolkit: A Toolkit for Sexual Violence Victim-Survivors and Their Supporters (SRT) is a physical and online resource that provides information to victim-survivors and their supporters about how to safely respond to sexual violence disclosures and access support services in the ACT. The SRT is available online and has been distributed in hardcopy across the community, targeting legal, medical and education settings.

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The College Program

The College Program is a series of peer-led education and advocacy workshops with tertiary students in residential halls to prevent sexual violence and promote sexual wellbeing, currently in development and to be facilitated in 2023. The Program is being developed by The STOP Campaign with support from White Ribbon Australia and funding from the Department of Social Services (DSS) as part of the National Community Action Group Program.

Reclaim the Narrative

The Reclaim the Narrative Zine and Video Series is the second collection of stories from victim-survivors, intended to empower students and alumni of the Australian National University (ANU) who have been impacted by sexual violence. By sharing these stories in appropriate and respectful ways, we can encourage open conversations about sexual violence and break down stigmas that are targeted towards victim-survivors.

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Revealing Truths and Breaking Stigmas

The Revealing Truths Zine and Video Series is the first collection of publications from victim-survivors sharing their experiences. It is intended to create positive and active change in our community towards a culture of consent. The STOP Campaign is focused on supporting the students and alumni of the ANU through the sharing of stories.  

The Empowerment Program

The Empowerment Program was a six-week program designed to cultivate growth, foster empowerment and build a supportive community in a safe, trauma-informed environment. The program was created and facilitated with the aim not only to foster courage and strength, but to allow participants to learn new, accessible skills and create relationships with organisations, local leaders and build a sense of community with other participants and members of The STOP Campaign.

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Education and Awareness

The STOP Campaign offers many resources for those seeking to learn more and raise awareness about sexual violence. Our blog and social media pages are a fantastic way to be updated on our current activities and goals!

Do Better ANU

This video is a celebration of all the wonderful activists within the ANU community and those who made the Do Better ANU strike happen on ANU Open Day, 2019. Thank you to the organisers: ANU Interhall Council, ANUSA - ANU Students' Association, ANU Women's Department, and the residential halls that participated.

In the Media

ANU Observer: The STOP Campaign’s ‘Largest Project to Date’ - The ‘Safe Responses Toolkit’ Launches
May 29, 2022


Organiser Audrey Mims spoke to ANU Observer after the launch of the Safe Response Toolkit at RUC on 22 May 2022.

ABC News: ACT passes Affirmative Consent laws, bringing it into line with neighbouring NSW
May 5, 2022


Carla Bennett is an advocate for The STOP Campaign and said the law reforms in the ACT signalled a step in the right direction for both victim-survivors and towards the prevention of sexual violence. "I think it's going to make a really, really big difference for victim-survivors of sexual assault in Australia," she said. Ms Bennett said she hoped the law reform would empower more people to report crimes committed against them and feel more supported by the justice system. "I'm specifically really hopeful that this is going to place the onus off the victim-survivors and we're going to be focusing more on crimes and perpetrators than victim-blaming, which I think is a really big cultural problem in Australia." She said she felt there was a mixed understanding of consent among young Australians and she hoped law reforms would lead to better education."I think that we need to place more focus on educating young people about what consent is, and what affirmative consent is in an intersectional and diverse way."

ANU Observer: ANU triples national average for sexual assaults at university

March 23, 2022

Camille Schloeffel, Founder and Director of The Stop Campaign, echoed this sentiment. She stated that today’s numbers “reflect real people and their traumatic experiences of which was not their fault and they did not deserve.” “Everyone deserves to feel safe, respected and supported," Schloeffel continued. "Students everywhere deserve better."

RiotACT: Advocates question ANU's take on increase in reported sexual assaults, harassment


March 8, 2022

Camille Schloeffel is the founder of The STOP Campaign – an organisation dedicated to driving cultural change on campus. She said the reporting process still wasn’t as simple nor as safe as it could be. Of huge concern is the length of the form a person is required to fill in when reporting assault or misconduct – currently, the disclosure form contains 66 questions. “Even if all of the questions are mandatory, which they aren’t, that is still not a trauma-informed process,” Ms Schloeffel said. “It doesn’t acknowledge what trauma does to the brain and our bodies, and how that can be both really overwhelming and triggering to survivors and supporters.” Ms Schloeffel said she was aware of people who had tried to fill out the form but gave up because it was too confusing. “I don’t understand what the purpose would be of asking for such intricate detail when most of the time they don’t really act on that.”

HerCanberra: When consent is negated: The ACT’s bid to outlaw stealthing

September 16, 2021

According to STOP founder Camille Schloeffel, and lead events coordinator Audrey Mims, “the general public have an incredibly limited understanding of consent and the fact that it is enthusiastic and ongoing, and a crucial part of sexual experiences”. They also believe that reporting stealthing (and any form of sexual violence) currently requires too many hurdles to be overcome and enormous work is required to make current reporting processes “fit-for-purpose for the diverse experiences and needs of victim-survivors who come into contact with the system”. “We know that legislation won’t be enough to tackle the deep-rooted issues challenging the Canberra community in this space. Enacting legislation in isolation will not be sufficient and there is a need for broader institutional change surrounding the education, awareness and support we provide, especially for victim-survivors.”

ANU Observer: Women’s Department Releases “Broken Promises” Report


August 10, 2021

Speaking to Observer, Camille Schloeffel, Director of the STOP Campaign, criticised ANU’s decision to release its strategic plan for 2021-2025 on the anniversary of the AHRC’s report, stating that it “demonstrated an act of disregard and disrespect to all victim-survivors of sexual violence, advocates and students of the ANU”. Schloeffel continued that ANU has “regressed in their efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence on campus”, criticising the Respectful Relationships Unit’s (RRU) sessions on sexual consent in residential halls as having a “stark similarity to the infamous ‘Milkshake Ad’”.

Canberra Weekly: Great Ydeas bring sexual assault, menstruation stigma into spotlight


May 5, 2021

As the founder of The STOP campaign, a grassroots campaign started at the Australian National University to tackle sexual violence at Australian universities, Ms Schloeffel is passionate about empowering and educating victim-survivors in Canberra about the personal, legal and medical considerations when disclosing and reporting sexual violence.


HerCanberra: Meet the recipients of the 2021 YWCA Canberra Great Ydeas grants

April 29, 2021

Camille Schoeffel: Safe Response Toolkit The Safe Response Toolkit Project will provide information to victim-survivors of sexual violence and their supporters about how to safely respond to disclosures and access support services in Canberra. Available in both digital and physical form, the Toolkit will provide clear, trauma-informed and accessible information for victim-survivors in Canberra regarding the personal, legal and medical considerations when disclosing and reporting sexual violence. It aims to reduce the stigmatisation of sexual violence and provide victim-survivors with the autonomy to access and navigate available support systems.

Canberra Weekly: Another year for Great Ydeas: Canberra women celebrated 

April 29, 2021

Camille Schloeffel was the recipient of a YWCA Canberra grant for her Safe Response Toolkit, a project that will provide information to victim-survivors of sexual violence and their supporters.

ABC News: Canberra idea to support sexual assault victims receives Great Ydeas grant funding from YWCA


April 29, 2021

Nine Canberran women have been recognised for their ideas by the YWCA's Great Ydeas grant program. Each of the nine women will receive up to $2,500 of funding to move the ideas forward. One of the recipients Camille Schloeffel spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Georgia Stynes about her Safe Response Toolkit Project. It is designed to help victims of sexual assaults and the people they share the allegations with.

HerCanberra: Reclaiming the Narrative: university students confronting sexual violence on campus


March 2, 2021

While Canberra’s university campuses are some of our city’s proudest precincts—full of vibrant student life and academic excellence—beneath the surface lies a dark truth.

3CR Community Radio 855 AM: She Bop

February 24, 2021

A program that explores feminist and gender issues, with interviews, commentary and music. Presented by Yvette. Yvette speaks with Camille Schloeffel from the grassroots movement The STOP Campaign about their Reclaim the Narrative Video Series.

Canberra Weekly: The campaign tackling violence at Australian universities through education and empowerment 

February 15, 2020

Envisioning a world where Australian universities are free from sexual violence and stigmatisation, The STOP Campaign began in Canberra with the mission of creating positive change through education and empowerment. Founded in 2018 by Camille Schloeffel, an Australian National University (ANU) alumna who noticed the university was lacking support and resources for sexual violence prevention and education, the Campaign aims to create and sustain positive change by igniting conversations and breaking down stigmas surrounding all aspects of sex and sexual violence.

ANU Observer: Students Accuse Respectful Relationships Unit of Failing Advocates and Survivors

August 30, 2020

A number of criticisms of the approach to SASH taken by ANU and the RRU have also emerged from the STOP Campaign. Camille Schloeffel, the Director of the campaign, provided comment on behalf of the organisation. Schloeffel told Observer that the Campaign recently received reports from multiple residential halls that ANU administration had directed them to “actively disengage” with the Campaign’s initiatives. During a meeting between the Campaign and ANU administrative staff, the University staff member who sent the original directive to heads of halls allegedly stated that “[the STOP campaign’s] advocacy was not their business” – and have since retracted the initial directive for halls to disengage.

Woroni: The STOP Campaign Launches Reclaim The Narrative Zine

March 2, 2020

The STOP Campaign launched their second zine, Reclaim the Narrative, last Thursday at Badger & Co. The STOP Campaign is a student-led campaign advocating for the eradication of sexual violence on Australian university campuses, and aims to provide empowerment and education on consent and respectful relationships.

Legislative Assembly for the ACT: On women's rights -- Mrs Kikkert

February 18, 2020

Lastly, I wish to publicly acknowledge Westfield Belconnen's Local Heroes for 2019, all of them powerful women committed to empowering others. Though only 21 years old, ANU student Camille Schloeffel raised funds and launched the STOP Campaign designed to educate others and help prevent sexual violence. Well done, Ms Schloeffel.

Muse Canberra: Clementine Ford - Feminist Dinner Party 

November 25, 2019 

Lara Woolley from the STOP Campaign joins Hayley McQuire, Laura Campbell, and Clementine Ford in hosting a Feminist Dinner party.

Young Witness: ANU launches formal strategy to tackle sexual violence


November 22, 2019

In August 2017, Australian National University vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt addressed his campus with a tremble in his voice.

YWCA Canberra: Speak Up! Reflections from She Leads High Conference 2019

November 8, 2019 

On Friday, 1 November, over 65 girls, including female-identifying and non-binary people in years 9 and 10 from high schools across Canberra and the surrounding regions came together to attend the 2019 She Leads High Conference. Held at the University of Canberra, the conference theme was Speak Up, where students learned to find their voices and lead with authenticity. The students learned the fundamental skills necessary to be a leader, including self-confidence, social and emotional development, peer relationships, active listening and key communication techniques.

YWCA Canberra: 2019 She Leads High Conference

November 1, 2019 

YWCA Canberra’s She Leads High Conference is for girls, including female-identifying and non-binary students, living in Canberra and the surrounding regions aged 14 to 16, in years 9 and 10. The She Leads High Conference is an enriching experience that educates and activates the potential of young leaders. Through exposure to a diverse range of young women leaders in the community, students will be inspired to start defining and developing their own leadership pathways.

MoAD: Prepping for a takeover: Girls Takeover Parliament at MoAD

October 7, 2019

A highlight from the weekend was the Women in Leadership Panel. We were lucky enough to hear from…Camille Schloeffel (Founder of the STOP Campaign). Our inspiring speakers shared their personal leadership stories as well as some incredible advice on activism and being a powerful woman in leadership. If I had to condense their message into a single concept, it would be: stand up, speak out and be heard!

YWCA Canberra: She Acts – Women After Dark

October 3, 2019

Last month She Acts, YWCA Canberra’s volunteer group, held an important conversation around the perceptions and realities of safety and accessibility for women, including female and non-binary people, in Canberra community spaces after dark. Facilitated by Bess Rossiter, the panel included Romy Listo (PhD candidate on energy-gender nexus, University of Queensland), Mina Khoshnevisan (STOP Campaign), Emma Davidson (Women’s Centre for Health Matters) and Cee Moore (Women with Disabilities ACT).

Canberra Times: "An important conversation around the perceptions and the realities of safety and accessibility for women."


August 21, 2019

King O'Malley's in Civic on Thursday hosts She Acts - Women After Dark, "an important conversation around the perceptions and the realities of safety and accessibility for women, female identifying and non binary people in Canberra community spaces after dark".

Westfield: Camille Schloeffel: The STOP Campaign Westfield Local Heroes 2019
August 9, 2019 

Brave survivor leads cultural change on uni campus

Canberra Times: Vote for your favourite local hero in Canberra

August 8, 2019 

The STOP Campaign will use this for marketing and to produce educational material similar to its popular Revealing Truths & Breaking Stigmas zine and video series which share stories to raise awareness about the prevalence and impact of sexual violence.

ABC News: ANU slammed for letting 'bureaucracy' get in the way of its sexual violence prevention strategy

August 1, 2019 

Today marks exactly two years after a damning Human Rights Commission report revealed nearly 40 per cent of ANU students had been sexually harassed and more than three per cent sexually assaulted over a 12-month period. A student-led campaign has published shocking accounts of sexual assaults at the Australian National University as part of a protest calling on the administration to take action on the issue.


Bossy: Bringing Sexual Violence on Campus to a STOP with Camille Schloeffel 

November 27, 2018

ANU’s very own Camille Schloeffel is done keeping the lid on this conversation. Her initiative, The STOP Campaign, is designed to raise awareness about and tackle sexual assault and harassment on campus through events, information and initiative’s such as their latest project, a zine directed to revealing truths and breakdown stigmas.

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