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in the breaking

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

A note before beginning...

Hello everyone! This is our first post in our monthly spotlight series, which is intended to highlight certain themes important to feminism. This September, the STOP Campaign is focusing on mental health. This blog post was created by Franchesca Isla, a Collective Member, who wanted to demonstrate the motions of her mental health journey.


in the breaking

by franchesca isla

the rubble of what was lay before me, and i found myself immersed in the unknown. i was young, and it was a season of my life.

as time did what time does best, i sought solace in the creators before me. i wondered through their galaxies, and dwelt in their sentiments. page by page, the walls that had so swiftly closed in on me began to come apart; and in the breaking, i found dawn.

note: the following journal entries comprise of the work of others. such work includes words by khalil gibran, a replica of the original drawing by don nace, and clippings (from womankind magazine and other magazines) of images and writing from various artists. all credit belongs to the artists and their publishers.

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