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The Questions You Don’t Want to Ask.

Have you ever had an experience that you’ve felt awkward talking about? This happens to a lot of people, especially in regards to sex.

We blame sexual taboos.

Sex should be discussed without shame or awkwardness.

We believe increasing a positive conversion surrounding sex can help change this.

Sex positivity includes:

  • Being open and learning more about sex and your body;

  • Engaging and talking about mentally and physically safe sex for both you and your partner;

  • Embracing sex as a healthy and positive experience;

  • Acknowledging the frequency of sex is different for everyone and abstaining from sex is totally ok too;

  • Everyone’s experience and relationship with sex is different and ok.

We know this is can sometimes be difficult so we’ve found an awesome resource to answer the questions you don’t want to ask: International Society for Sexual Medicine.

Click on these links for answers to some quirky and “taboo” questions which are important for everyone:

Let's start the conversation.

- Sarah Allan and Francesca Cuccurullo

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