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ANU College Program 

The STOP Campaign's 'College Program' will be an all encompassing program that targets both students, student leadership and residential hall administration. It will be composed of a series of training modules, education plans and policy/procedural recommendations. The STOP Campaign will offer the program and facilitators to ANU Residential Halls free of charge. Indeed, the program will be flexible and adaptable to suit Residential Halls and their respective structures and needs. Objective: To end sexual violence at the Australian National University by:

1. de-stigmatising sexual violence and educating on behaviours, cultural norms and institutional structures that reinforce sexual violence;


2. providing comprehensive education on respectful relationships, sex, consent, sexual health, contraception, unplanned pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, bodily autonomy, masturbation, sexual violence etc;


3. providing training to student leadership on responding to disclosures, unplanned pregnancy, critical incidents, vicarious trauma and burnout, positive role-modelling, boundary setting etc;


4. educating on appropriate language and behaviours and;


5. providing recommendations of trauma-informed policy and procedure that can better ensure the safety of survivors and provide opportunity for rehabilitation of accused perpetrators

Revealing Truths and Breaking Stigmas | Zine/Video Project 2018/19

These stories were submitted anonymously by students at the Australian National University (ANU). The faces you see in this video are not the faces of the survivors who have shared their stories.

Thank you to all brave survivors who participated in this project, and the readers who listened, believed and communicated their stories to the world. Thank you to our amazing film and editing crew who made this happen.

#WeWillSpeak       #WeWillListen

2019 zine 

video series


upcoming zine 

Reclaim The Narrative | Zine/Video Project 2019-2020

The Stop Campaign will be launching its second zine "Reclaim The Narrative" on the 27th of February at Badger and Co in the ANU precinct. This zine shares the art, poetry, stories and prose of survivors and allies with the objective of reclaiming the narrative around sexual assault and sexual violence. Go to our Facebook page to express interest in the event and pick up a copy of the zine for yourself. 

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The Stop Campaign respectfully acknowledges the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their custodianship of the lands and waterways upon which we operate.