We're Down For Maintenance

Thanks for visiting The STOP Campaign's website. We are currently updating the website with a new branding and will re-launch soon. In the meantime, we still have our blog running so check it out!

The STOP Campaign 

The STOP Campaign is a grassroots organisation and registered not-for-profit dedicated to empowering young people to create and sustain positive sociocultural change regarding sex and sexual violence by starting conversations and breaking down stigmas. We are focused on tackling sexual violence in Australian tertiary learning communities, through empowerment, education, activism and awareness. We are a volunteer-run intersectional feminist organisation that values intersectionality, integrity, respect and passion. 

Safe Response Toolkit

Access the Safe Response: A Toolkit for Sexual Violence Victim-Survivors and Their Supporters at saferesponsetoolkit.com.au

To speak to a member of our team or to enquire about how to get involved, contact us here.

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