The purpose of the Empowerment Program is to provide a safe space for survivors of sexual violence that fosters growth, empowerment, as well as build a supportive community. The theoretical aspect of the program will be delivered by professionals and community leaders, providing a unique opportunity for participants to connect with these organisations and individuals in an intimate setting. The physical skill will be taught by professionals, with the hope that survivors leave the program with the confidence that they are strong, resilient and believed. We envision that our program will provide a supportive trauma-informed network for all participants.​ If you would like to express your interest in attending the 2021 Empowerment Program please click here
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To empower survivors of sexual violence, the Program will: 

  1. Enable survivors to reclaim control of themselves and their trauma by fostering strength and resilience and confidence

  2. Allow survivors to learn a new, accessible skill and fostering self-development and discovery

  3. Foster relationships with organisations, experts and other survivors

  4. Create a safe space where survivors feel able to connect with each other, ultimately building a supportive community of like-minded individuals 

  5. Be trauma-informed with measures in place to prevent vicarious trauma and re-traumatisation.

The STOP Campaign presents the Empowermet Program proudly sponsored by the YMCA
The Empowerment Program is a 6-week program designed to provide a safe space for victim-survivors.
Who: Cis & trans women & non-binary people who identify as victim-survivors aged 18-25


Week 1: Empowerment (Introduction) – 27 February 2021

Week 2: Recharge and Self-Care – 6 March 2020

Week 3: Educate and Connect – 13 March 2021

Week 4: Confidence and Activism – 20 March 2021 

Week 5: Creativity and Passion – 27 March 2021

Week 6: Deep Breath; Reach Out (Conclusion) – 3 April 2021